Make a successful sign

Many newcomers ask us how to finish signs made of styrofoam. A world opens up: resins, special outdoor paints, masonry paints… In 2021, when we bought the new headquarter, we decided to make our sign by ourselves.

In the photo you can see two photos side by side one year apart of our sign. Aside from the color balance, which came out poorly because of the change in sun exposure, you can see that the sign is completely exposed to the weather, without any covers. What did we use? A 4 cm thick styrofoam panel for the logo and a 1 cm thick extruded polystyrene panel for the lettering. A can of Montana Carbon Black for the painted background on direct aluminum and a can, also Montana, orange for logo and lettering. A sign that for less than 20 euros. What happened a year later? The color has faded slightly, especially on styrofoam, which, compared to extruded polystyrene, absorbs less color. But still, a year later, it remains a beautiful sign that shows no noticeable signs. In fact, being born for the graffiti world, Montana canisters are designed for outdoors.

The upshot is that making a sign in this way has given a very beautiful, long-lasting result.

The question then arises: when to use resins such as Duraloid Coatplast to harden styrofoam? Simple: when one has to make products that need to last a long time. So, using extruded polystyrene without extrusion skin and Montana’s canisters, it is simple to fastly create a sign.

An additional aspect to consider, concerns the attention to the environment. In fact, since there is no need for replication or renewal, time is saved and there is no need to dispose of worn sign.