How PolyShaper was born

In the center of the Italy, more precisely in L’Aquila, a little start-up was innovating the world of creativity, DIY and decoration: PolyShaper. Founded in 2015 by a dedicated scholar with a passion for materials and a keen interest in CNC technology, this company is now the leader in Italy in production of polystyrene cutting plotters. This is the story of how a men’s vision turned into a business and how these two life paths intertwined until they merged, changing the way we perceive and utilize styrofoam.

The beginning of the story is a degree thesis about the creation of a durable styrofoam box that could withstand the test of time. Through meticulous research and experimentation, the founder mastered the art of working with styrofoam, understanding its nuances and intricacies. To reach the goal of creating the box, he created an ad-hoc machine that used a technology for working three-dimensionally with styrofoam and gave it the name PolyShaper. During the process of creation, he reconciled different skills acquired during his studies at the university, such as CNC, 3D CAD, mechanical technology and Arduino, but there were also several challenges to deal with. For example: parameter optimization, troubleshooting, obtaining the right materials for the prototype and the continuous development of the technology. During this long period of creation of the 3D machine, there was the need to make precise parallelepipeds to use as a test specimen. At the beginning, they specimens were cut by hand, but this process was quite time-consuming. So, he decided to create the first 2D machine to cut styrofoam.

Almost as a joke, he started producing both the 2D and 3D machines and tried to sell them on an e-commerce. The result? Several 2D machines were sold, but not a single 3D one. So, he thought to devote himself only to the development and improvement of 2D machines, to make a new business. After some time, the start-up was founded.

Many troubles have been in the life of PolyShaper, especially given the initial lack of enterpreneural skills. The start-up grew and a community was created in Italy. A community of people who are passionate about party and indoor decorations, who share their projects and experiences.