Terms of warranty

All our products are covered by a guarantee. Since the headquarters of our company is located in L’Aquila, Italy, a member state of the European Union, European and Italian law apply.

Our technical support is always available to help under any circumstances, even if the problem is not covered by the warranty. You can contact us at info@polyshaper.eu, or via the online chat (accessible from both the website and the shop via the appropriate button).

Duration of the guarantee

Warranty periods for EU countries and the rest of the world:

  • 2 years warranty for EU, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland customers
  • 1 year guarantee for EU companies
  • 1 year warranty for the rest of the world (any country not mentioned above)

Warranty void

The warranty isvoided by:

  • any damage caused by maintenance or improper use of the machine
  • any damage caused by lack of long-term maintenance
  • use of the machine in improper conditions (temperature, dustiness, etc.)
  • updates or add-ons that are not officially supported or released by GIPAT srl
  • unauthorized modifications to the machine and its components
  • use of non-original spare parts

Please note: the warranty does not cover natural and expected wear caused by using the machine for its intended purpose.

Any warranty case must be submitted to our official support channels (chat or email). In the event that the product was purchased from a dealer, continue with technical assistance through the same official channels.

Necessary documents and methods of application

In order to take advantage of the guarantee, it is necessary to provide the following documentation (to the email address info@polyshaper.eu):

  1. proof of purchase of the product, invoice or receipt, and the product serial number (present on the product label of the machine)
  2. a brief description of the problem together with clear evidence of its presence (for example, photos or videos)

The machine must be properly returned to the dealer, in its original packaging.

Please note: The shipping costs for returning the product to the company are charged to the customer.

Limited Wear Parts Warranty

Some parts of our products inevitably consume themselves over time. Specific conditions apply to these parts, unless a failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Therefore parts such as: resistive cutting wire, sliding parts, belts, bearings, springs, cable lugs, power supply and electronic components are excluded from the guarantee if they no longer work due to prolonged usage.

In the event that a replacement part is provided free of charge, the warranty is not reinstated. In accordance with European law, the original warranty period still applies.

In case that a product is returned for repair, the warranty period is “paused” during the period that the product is on its way back to the company for repair, and on its way back to the customer. In other words, the warranty is extended for the number of days the product has been under repair and the associated travel days.

N.B.There is no agreement with third party extended warranty providers. If these services are used, GIPAT srl is not required to apply warranty extensions.

However, it is guaranteed that all non-functional parts due to defects in material and / or workmanship will be replaced.

The warranty does not cover:

  1. periodic checks, maintenance, repairs or replacements of parts subject to wear
  2. cosmetic damage, such as in particular, scratches and bumps
  3. costs related to transport, movement or installation of the products
  4. malfunctions or damage not due to manufacturing defects of the product (including, but not limited to, damage caused by fire, water, negligence, viruses, misuse, etc.)
  5. all changes to the settings of the systems in service mode
  6. the use of the product in the context of a professional or commercial activity. Professional or commercial use will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  7. incorrect or improper use of the product, including, by way of example and not limited to, the use of the same for purposes other than the normal one or contrary to those indicated in the GIPAT instructions regarding the use and maintenance of the product
  8. the use of the product with accessories or spare parts incompatible with the reference product
  9. malfunction of the product due to incorrect or incomplete installation or incorrect use of the technical or safety standards in force, or malfunction resulting from failure to observe the instructions contained in the user manual, unless installation is carried out by GIPAT
  10. Malfunction due to overload or resulting from the fact that the product has not been used in accordance with specific maintenance instructions indicated in the relevant manual
  11. cases in which the model, serial number or product number have been deliberately altered, deleted, removed or made illegible
  12. cases where the product has been damaged due to reconfiguration (both hardware and software), unless GIPAT has previously agreed to this
  13. the cases in which consumers refuse to communicate to GIPAT the password or information on the safety of the products that GIPAT needs to have available to provide the assistance service provided for by this guarantee
  14. the defect that can be corrected through the installation of official software or through software updates not provided by GIPAT but which can be used free of charge on the market; and
  15. malfunctions that can be solved using standard remote repair methods by GIPAT, but the consumer rejects them without valid reason


The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes without notice. Technical specifications may vary from country to country.

Last revision: 02/09/2022