Silhouette Cameo 4


Desktop cutting plotter with 30.5 cm cutting width.


  • integrated “roll feeder” roll holder, allows you to easily and accurately load rolls of consumables (such as vinyl, thermo-adhesive, paper)
  • integrated “crosscutter” cutter, positioned at the outlet on the back of the machine, allows to cut with precision (after processing) the piece of vinyl or thermo-adhesive containing the work performed.
  • Possibility to load materials to be cut up to 3mm thick
  • cutting force up to 5000gr (5kg), the high cutting force in combination with the new dedicated blades allows the cutting of materials that were not usable until now.
  • integrated backlit touch buttons, invisible when the machine is off
  • Bluetooth® connection for working even without a USB cable.
  • mark reader, allows the printing and cutting function using a printer (not supplied) in combination with the machine
  • Pixscan compatible, for quick and easy cropping work
  • retractable sliding lid
  • new blade compartment, the left front part of the machine slides to the left showing a handy blade compartment.
  • automatic recognition of the blades
  • higher cutting speed, compared to previous models
  • new tools and blades (coming soon)
  • adapters for tools and blades, allow you to use the blades and other specific tools for previous CAMEO models on the cameo 4
  • compatible with PC and MAC