First steps with your PolyShaper machine

Below, you will find the instructions and the videos that explain how to start using your PolyShaper machine.

1) Unboxing and assembly guide

2) Install the software

The next step is to install the two software, Inkscape and ShaCo, to make your machine work. You can easily find the all the steps here

3) First cut

4) Now it’s your turn!

Watch this video guide playlist on how to use InkScape!

Thanks to the following videos, you will learn how to make the most of the free Inkscape vector graphics software, which is necessary to draw your projects before cutting them with PolyShaper machine.

Watch this playlist of video tutorials

On our YouTube channel you can find numerous playlists, including “TutoriAZ” you can find below, where you can learn how to create projects from beginner to advanced level!