Azul – professional polystyrene cutting machine


Azul’s specs

Area di lavoro: 100x50 cm
Da montare: no (preassemblata)
Spessore: 10cm
Tutti i software inclusi
Velocità max taglio: 1000 mm/min
Spedita in 1 giorno lavorativo
Velocità max a vuoto: 2000 mm/min
Spedizione gratuita
Ingombro: 126x66x20 cm
A soli 849 euro (IVA inclusa)

The machine cuts polystyrene for professionals
designed by professionals!



The PolyShaper Azul is the most compact professional polystyrene cutting machine on the market


Using the Azul is very simple and we provide you with all the necessary software


The first price among the professional machines of the PolyShaper range, with optimized work area for standard commercial polystyrene panels

Some achievements of our users from the group PolyShaper italia

What materials you can cut

A list of materials that can be cut with the PolyShaper Azul


One of the thinnest commercial materials that can be cut with our machines (2 - 4 mm thick). Excellent for the creation of folding writings and 3D crazies

Polistirene estruso

The most durable material among those that our machines can cut. Preferred for indoor signs and furnishings or in any case for high added value gadgets.

Polistirolo espanso

The most common material among the machinable ones. Depending on the density chosen, it is suitable for multiple uses, from customized packaging to the manufacture of artefacts and gadgets.
Risorsa 4@0.5x

Polietilene espanso

The elasticity, the excellent surface finish and the softness make it an excellent material for creating alternative decoration elements even without applying surface finishes.

Refine your creations i

Thanks to our high quality products, you
can give something extra to your products


In our store you will find a selection of high quality glitter to use on your creations

Lacca fissante

Thanks to our fixative lacquer, your glitter will not fall out of your creations

Bombolette spray

Use the water-based paints available in our store to color your creations

Colla vinilica

Thanks to the vinyl glue, you create a base on your polystyrene products, to be able to decorate them with glitter

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