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GIPAT srls is a new company engaged in the design and production of reliable and versatile smart polystyrene cutting machines. Our highly qualified team, composed of mechanical, electronic and sw engineers, has developed solutions suitable for every type of customer. Moreover it is able to satisfy any request for customization in a short time. Our goal is to offer cheap but at the same time professional machines that guarantee an excellent finished product. The machines are entirely designed and assembledin our premises,thus allowing a high flexibility, quality and speed of realization. GIPAT s.r.l.s. is continuously and actively engaged in research activities in collaboration with the University of L'Aquila, specifically with the mechanical and IT departments. Thanks to this commitment, over the years several prototypes have been developed for 3DCNC polystyrene cutting machines, actually a technological vacuum that the market is not yet able to fill. GIPAT srls is active with projects aimed at the territory (integrated into the surroundings), carrying out social activities aimed at bringing young people closer to the business world, supporting FABLAB AQ and L'Aquila's technical industrial high school.

Some Idea


PolyShaper 400

P400 is thought for makers and hobbyists who want to get into the CNC machines world with a fantastic assembling kit. Compared to the most common 3D printers,the cutting of polystyrene ensures greater cost-effectiveness, speed of manufacturing and ease of use.

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Oranje is the new desktop product, designed for all those who want to have fun, work, play, create, learn, build .. easily and cheaply !

PolyShaper Azul

PolyShaper Azul is designed for professionals who work mainly with standard polystyrene panels and want a compact solution. Thanks to its ease of use, it is especially suitable for any user who wants to make signs and decorations of any kind.

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PolyShaper Grænt

PolyShaper Grænt is the most suitable solution for those who already work and sell polystyrene products. With this machine you can easily make small series, reduce the cost of polystyrene and create complex objects thanks to the great cutting capacity.

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